Friday, October 17, 2008

Putting Kali Through the Ringer!

What a fun Senior Portrait session I had this afternoon! Kali was so fun to work with and such a great sport for letting me test out some new ideas with her, even if it meant practically contorting her body at times.

My favorite moment of this session came when I was getting this great shot of her underneath the gorgeous fall foliage in Ritter Park. I was utilizing my fisheye lens, which requires me to get extremely close to my subject. I asked her to lay on the ground on her side, twist around and prop herself up on her elbow. Meanwhile, I laid only about a couple of feet from her on my stomach with my cheek practically pressed to the ground so that I could get some of the awesome red-orange leaves in the foreground of the shot. Eventually the awkward pose began to take its toll on Kali and she cried out, "Oh, my oblique!" Even as I write about it now, I am still cracking up over that one.

In addition to her ab work-out, poor Kali had to endure a fan blowing directly into her face from just about a foot away as she awkwardly sat on her knees looking directly upwards at me while I proceeded to trigger my bright studio flashes to go off into her already dry, tortured eyes. And I'm preeetty sure that laying on one's stomach on a cold, hard park bench isn't the most natural or comfortable position to be in, but Kali never once complained. In fact, she was such a pleasure to work with and I cannot thank her enough for putting up with my shenanigans. You rock, Kali!

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