Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The phone conversations always typically start the same way. "Um, hi. I was calling to ask if you do....well....I hope you don't think I'm weird for asking you this, but just out of curiosity..." It is usually at this point that I will put the shy caller out of her awkward misery and simply reply, "Yes, I do boudoir photography."

In fact, second to weddings, boudoir photography is my favorite thing to do! I have never had one single client leave a boudoir session that didn't feel completely beautiful (not to mention smoking hot!) and incredibly anxious to see her final images, even though she had entered my studio an hour to two ago complaining about her body and feeling totally self-conscious.

How am I able to help turn shy, hesitant women into purring little centerfolds so quickly, you ask? Well, I'm sure each of my former clients could probably give you a different answer to that question, but overall I believe it's my love and enthusiasm for making women look and feel beautiful that initially puts my clients at ease. Then, once we start shooting I am constantly giving the client "sneak peaks" of her shots on my camera because I want her to see how amazing she looks through my lens. Without fail, this always gives her a huge boost of confidence because she sees that I know which angles and poses are going to make her look gorgeous. From that point on, she not only stops feeling self-conscious, but she actually has a blast during the rest of the photo shoot!

Many of my clients have said to me at the end of their boudoir sessions, "Every woman should do this at least once!", and I couldn't agree more. So, what are you waiting for???? Call today to schedule your private boudoir session OR get some girlfriends together and schedule a Boudoir Party!

Up to 2 hours of photography
Up to 3 different outfits
Bring any props you'd like, or choose from a selection at the studio.
Your 20 final images will be posted in a password-protected online gallery, from which you may order prints directly.
Seven of your favorite, full-resolution images on a disc or emailed directly to you.  ($20 for each additional image.)

Bring at least three girlfriends with you and receive 50% off your session fee!
(Please allow at least three hours for your small Boudoir Party.)
$100.00 for the party hostess
$150.00 for the party guests

If you bring at least five girlfriends with you, your session is FREE!
(Please allow at least four hours for your large Boudoir Party.)
$0.00 for the party hostess
$120.00 for the party guests

(A copyright release statement may be purchased for an additional $100.)

Courtney Bell Photography
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