Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And the Communication Problems Continue...

Just when I thought my telephone woes couldn't get any worse, I lose my iPhone. This one is perhaps the most frustrating because I distinctly remember putting my cell phone underneath my pillow as I fell asleep last Saturday night. However, when I looked under the pillow the next morning to retrieve it, it was gone. Just...POOF! I immediately called my phone from a land line, but it went straight to voicemail (the battery was low when I went to bed, so it must have died during the night).

Believe me, I have turned the bedroom upside down looking for it. Actually, I have turned two different houses upside down trying to find my phone! I have retraced ALL my steps. I have dumped out my purse, searched cars, porches, yards, you name it. I plan to do yet another extremely thorough search later today, but as of right now my cell phone seems to have vanished into thin air. Please continue to contact me via email at cbellphoto@frontier.com if you have any questions or need anything at all.

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