Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Wedding Packages

Dear Newlyweds-To-Be:

After listening to my clients' concerns, wants, and needs, and also learning from my own experiences as a professional wedding photographer over the past eight years, I am very excited to announce that I am implementing some new policies in order to better serve my clients in 2012!

Customer satisfaction has always been my top priority. However, because I am a "one-woman show" and handle every aspect of this business myself (photography, editing, scheduling appointments, processing orders, etc.), I have learned the hard way that it is possible to spread myself too thin. It is for this reason that I recently made the decision to dedicate my business exclusively to wedding and boudoir photography. Furthermore, beginning in 2012, I have decided to limit the number of weddings booked to only two or three per month, depending upon the month. This will allow for more editing time between weddings and, hopefully, improved turn-around time for my clients.

Unfortunately, not all problems have such obvious solutions. Perhaps the biggest threat to maintaining customer satisfaction for me is the sheer unpredictability of life, which is, unfortunately, a factor that is impossible to eliminate or control. Although rare, there have been a few instances over the past eight years when personal circumstances have regrettably caused delays in my ability to deliver to my clients their purchased items in a more timely manner. However, because I am unable to predict when or if other such circumstances may occur in the future, I am also unable to guarantee a certain date by which my clients will receive all of their wedding package items (wedding albums, prints, CD-Rom, etc.). It is for this reason I am implementing a new payment policy for my 2012 wedding photography packages, which I believe will give my clients better peace of mind in this regard, as well as make the wedding packages more affordable. The new payment policy is as follows:

In order to book your wedding date, a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the wedding package price is due at the time of booking. However, I am now only requiring 40% of the package price be due one week before your wedding date, as opposed to the entire balance paid in full. The final remaining balance of 30% will then be due upon the receipt of your purchased wedding package items (wedding albums, prints, CD-Rom, etc.).*

Furthermore, if after six months you have not yet received the above-mentioned wedding photography package items, your balance due upon receipt of the items will be reduced from 30% to 20%. If after nine months you still have not received your purchased items, the balance due upon receipt will be reduced to only 10%. Finally, if you have not received your purchased wedding package items one year after your wedding date, the balance due upon receipt will be completely eliminated.*

*These new policies are not retroactive and apply ONLY to wedding packages booked during 2012. If you are getting married in 2012, but booked your wedding in 2011, then these policies do not apply, unless otherwise specified.

Please remember that such extended delays are not typical. Typically, clients will be able to see all of their fully edited wedding photos in a password-protected online gallery within 4-6 weeks from their wedding date. At that point, the wedding prints, album, etc. will be ordered and then prepared by me for final delivery to the clients. Final delivery times vary depending upon the printing time at the photo lab, supply and printing time with the wedding album supplier (for personalized album covers), as well as the shipping time for those items. However, it is uncommon for the final delivery of all items to take longer than six months from the wedding date.

I am very excited to begin the 2012 wedding season, as several weddings have already been booked! (Full wedding package details can be found here.) As mentioned above, wedding date availability is more limited this year, so don't put off booking your wedding with Courtney Bell Photography until it's too late! You can reach me either at my new email address,, or at (304) 522-7747 (weekdays after 7:00 PM is the best time to reach me).

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